Personal Loan in Lucknow

Personal Loans ranging from Rs.25K to Rs.25L with a tenure starting from 6 months.


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Our Financial Institutions

  • HDFC Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • Fullerton India
  • Yes Bank
  • Axis Bank
  • IDFC Bank
  • Tata Capital
  • Indiabulls
  • Ujjivan Small Finance Bank

Basic Eligibility Criteria

You're probably eligible for a Loan if you are

  • At Least 23 Years Old

  • Less Than 65 Years Old

  • Salary must be in your account

  • Minimum salary required Rs.15000/Month credit in bank

  • Minimum job experience / stability 6 months

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Various kinds of loans are available for everyone, though people usually prefer personal loans rather than other types whenever they are facing any financial crisis. One doesn’t need any collateral or security when it comes to personal loans. You can have the freedom to use the amount as you want.

In personal loans, you can get a fixed amount of money with different periods of payback tenure, which can be anything from one year to seven years. The interest rates for the loans are very reasonable for almost everyone. You must fill some documents and meet the eligibility criteria to apply for the loan.

There are several service providers in India which is why you might get confused about which one to choose. For this reason, AapkaBank is there for you. We are one of the best financial marketplaces where you can find numerous banks and NBFCs to choose from.

We can offer you with great personal loans in Lucknow without charging anything. We provide all the services for free because our main motive is to aid the people so that they can meet their financial needs and live a better life. We are always there to aid you in selecting the best lender.

You can find the right personal loan provider in Lucknow who can fulfill your financial needs. Since there are a variety of loan lenders, the sum of the loan and loan period depends on the moneylender you choose. Every provider has different policies that have their advantages and disadvantages, which is why we offer you a complete comparison between these loans providers.

Our excellent skills and deep knowledge in this field is what has made it possible for us to deliver the best services to you. We assist you during the procedure of finding the best loan lender.

One can find more information regarding features of personal loans and documentation on our official site to become more familiar with the loan.

Eligibility requirements for Personal Loan in Lucknow:

  • The applicant must be between twenty to sixty-five years old at the maturity of the loan.
  • Regular wage earners like salaried, self-employed, and business professionals are eligible. If you are not one of these, then your bank manager can guide you better.
  • The minimum salary for salaried workers is Rs. 15,000, though it can change with the place you live in and the firm you work for.
  • One should be living at the same address or city for at least two years.
  • One should have at least two years of work experience.
  • Stable employment history is needed.
The documentation requirements might change for salaried, self-employed, and business people. It is best to check the needed documents on the official website of the lender you will choose because these requirements might be slightly different for every provider.

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