What is AapkaBank?

What is AapkaBank?

We are AAPKABANK is a India's leading financial services marketplace. We are corporate channel partners of reputed financial institutions, with a wide product range and a promise to get you the best deal. Our services come at no cost to you. We committed to make common people self-dependent in the true sense by providing genuine loan service.
AAPKABANK is your one-stop destination for all types of loans and cards in India. We help you compare and choose from all type financial products such as personal loans, home loans, credit cards, education loans, car loans, loan against property and many more.
  • Personal Loans

    11.49% TO 17.00%(interest rates)
    0.50% TO 2.00% (Processing Fee)
  • Bussiness Loans

    14.50% TO 18.00% (interest rates)
    0.50% TO 2.00%(Processing Fee)
  • Mortgage Loans

    9.75% TO 11.50%(interest rates)
    0.50% TO 1.00%(Processing Fee)
  • Home Loans

    8.70% TO 9.20%(interest rates)
    Attractive Processing Fee

They provide nominal rate of intrest with a sufficient loan amount for the required time according to my needs.


Simple process of taking a loan with a very short time approval.


Service provided by aapkabank's customer support was pretty good.


Less documentation required and easily accessible web for a normal person.


They have given me the best service for the personal loan.


They have given me very fast services for the car loan.


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